SISSY DIAMOND is a brand created by a young Cameroonian currently based in Tunisia. This brand is carried by the company SD CONSULTING AV whose head office is in Tunis (Espace Tunis, Bloc H, Bur H3-1, 1073 Monplaisir-Tunis).

The items offered here are intended for both genders (Men and Women): These are pure leather backpack and travel bags. The different varieties of leather used in the manufacture of these products meet the needs for quality, authenticity and durability demanded by the international market.

Leather is a material prepared from the skin of an animal. It is usually the skin of large mammals, treated industrially by tanneries and tanneries, mainly to ensure its preservation even in the presence of high humidity.

According to their appearance , their manufacture and the origin of the skin </ b > , there are different types of leather. For conventional animals, we have lamb, sheep, cowhide, buffalo, goat, pork, calf and horse hides. For so-called “exotic” animals, we have Ostrich, Frog (toad), Crocodile (Alligator), Tilapia, Shagreen, Shark leathers , Lizard and Snake.

And depending on the processing methods they undergo to achieve the final product, the following varieties of leather are distinguished:

Crust: Crust is a very special type of leather, as it has hardly been processed. The tannery was not primed there, and the hide had undergone minimal chemical treatment. This leather will absorb any type of treatment or color easily, and it is particularly appreciated and used for accessories.

Vegetable leather: Classic leather is notably tanned with chrome – the rest of the products constitute a recipe generally kept secret by tanneries. However, it is also possible to tan it using mainly natural materials (it’s longer, more expensive, and more complicated, but it is possible), we then speak of vegetable leather </ b> . vegetable tanning is the oldest method used for several centuries.

Full grain leather: It is the dermis, the upper part of the skin, the most noble part (it is the part on which there is hair when the animal is alive) .

Sawn grain leather: It is the dermis that has been treated to improve its quality. A first layer has been removed, but we are not yet talking about the bottom layer of the skin. Leather can for example be treated with polyurethane .

Nubuck: Unlike suede , it is the skin of the leather that has been scraped to give it a fluffy and soft appearance.

Suede or suede: This is actually the flesh part of the leather that is scraped off to make it usable. We consider that the nubuck is nobler than the suédé , so they should not be confused!

Croute de cuir : It is the lower part of the skin, the less noble, the cheapest. It is often used for entry level products that are not imitation leather.

During their treatment, the technical specificities of each type of leather are rigorously respected. Each leather is chrome tanned and derailed to different thicknesses varying from 0.7 and 1 millimeter for small hides, from 1 and 1.2 millimeters for calves, from 1.8 to 2 millimeters for cows and from 3 to 3 , 5 millimeters for equipment leather.

The SISSY DIAMOND brand has for vision to promote LE MADE IN AFRICA , that is to say to promote the best products manufactured and packaged in Africa , this through solid partnerships SUD-SUD (That is to say between African countries) woven with organizations enjoying an established and undeniable reputation for the quality and sustainability of their products and services.